Professional Development System in the Agrofood Industry

  Introduction to generation of training plan      

What can eTNA do for you?
  • Help you to develop your workers and improve your management
  • Devise training plans for your company
  • Support your own professional development
  • Develop your own training plan in 4 easy steps
Step 1 – Your Objectives ( plural) and posts.
Tell us a why you ( or your workers) want to undertake training, what are your/ their current skills and what are the skills you wish to develop

Step 2 – The educational profile.
Tell us a little bit about your educational background and any professional training you may have undertaken

Step 3 – your Company
Tell us about your company and give an outline of your company’s main strategies

Step 4 – Your training proposal
Your training offer is created for you

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…4!

Get started now!

There are four simple steps, complete each of them:
    1. Profile position

On this page we define the profile of the position of the person who is requesting a training plan. First of all, the tool asks for the main goal of the worker:

Define the objective:

  • Incorporation to a new job
  • To update knowledge of in an existing role
  • To broaden the competences of the position
  • To change to a new position

Next, we define the profile of the current position of the worker:

Subsequently, we select the competences which are going to be required in the new position / broadened / or updated.

    2. Information

On this page, the tool asks for the worker’s education and training. It asks for academic education (university or vocational) and for professional training.

    3. Strategy of the company

In this page, the company of the worker is described briefly so it asks for the sector, the number of workers and the strategy that will be followed.

    4. Training offer

Summary of the information declared. Here we present the results of the analysis.

Training offer proposal according to the position and the strategies of the company.

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