Professional Development System in the Agrofood Industry

  eTNA Tool Help Section      
  Help themes - Training offer. Profile of the position

First of all, the tool requests that we identify the primary goal of the supervisor or worker. That is, it asks us to define the situation of the worker for whom we will design the training plan.:

  • To take up a new position: A new worker is taking up a position without experience.
  • To update his/her knowledge: The worker is not changing position and does not need to broaden his/her competences but wants to update their knowledge to develop within the role efficiently.
  • To broaden the competences of the position. New competences are assigned to the worker but without changing the position.
  • To change to a new position. In changing position, the worker now requires new knowledge to help develop new competences.

Once the worker’s situation has been described, we select the post and the competences that he will develop. We can select different positions to add all the competences that the worker will have.